The Free Old Montreal Walking Tour - Questions and Answers

1. Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are necessary.

2. Do you recommend arriving early to the meeting point?

Yes. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the tour is scheduled.

3. How long do the tours last?

The Old Montreal tour is 120-145 minutes but can extend sometimes few minutes more.

4. What language are the tours given in?

All our scheduled tours are only offered in English.

5. Is there a lot of walking involved?

No! As long as you can do a short stroll around a city you are ready to walk a Free Montreal Tour.

6. Are your tours wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately our tours are not wheelchair accessible due to the uneven pathway and the small side-paths in the Old-Montreal district.

7. What should I bring?

During the summer it can get very hot so don’t forget your sunglasses, sun-tan lotion and a bottle of water. During the winter, as it gets colder (lol), make sure to have a good jacket. 100 minutes from the 120 minutes will happen outside.

8. What if it rains or snow?

The Free Walking Tour might be canceled if it rains or snows heavily. We will send a cancelation email if the situation presents itself.

9. What if I have to leave before the tour ends?

That is not a problem but please let your guide know so he/she doesn’t wait for you at the next stop.

10. Do we stop for a break?

Yes. We have a quick Toilet Break in the middle of the itinerary.

11. Is there a maximum number of people allowed on a tour?

Yes the number of participants is limited. We ask our customers to book online mainly for this reason. This way, we can have enough guides for the all our groups.

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